Insulation in Winter

Wood – the ideal insulation material

GUTEX wood fibre insulation boards provide excellent protection against the cold in winter thanks to their low thermal conductivity, which drastically slows down the escape of warm air and the cooling of interior living areas. Everybody benefits. Those who dwell in the affected buildings enjoy the improved indoor climate as well as lower heating costs. Building owners profit thanks to the much higher energy efficiency and the subsequent increase in the value of their investment. The environment breathes easier, too, due to the significant reduction of carbon emissions resulting from lower energy usage. However, wood fibre insulation also contributes to sinking carbon dioxide emissions in another way: It keeps the carbon dioxide assimilated by its source, wood, longer out of the biochemical cycle and one of its stages: the atmosphere. 

Durable Weather Protection

Whether sudden heavy rainfall, hail or hurricane, the occurrence of severe weather is steadily increasing. Climate change is to blame. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why having a durable weather-resistant building envelope is more important than ever.  

Completely insulating buildings, from top to bottom, with GUTEX wood fibreboard gives them excellent protection against the elements. Besides being rain-tight, GUTEX roof sarking boards are capable of withstanding severe hail, which TÜV Rheinland, a globally active independent test facility in Germany, verified in tests. In addition, GUTEX impact-resistant wall insulation boards are designed and manufactured to withstand severe winds and driving rain.

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