Made in Germany

True to our roots, focused on the future

Innovation born of wholesome tradition – for over 80 years. True to our faith in the quality of our local resources, acting with a deeply-felt responsibility to protect Nature, plants, animals and the future of our children: that’s what goes into every wood fibre insulation product that leaves our plant. Black Forest quality, the quality that produces wholesome living spaces.

Innovation born of wholesome tradition

How and what we began when we were the first in Europe to manufacture wood fibreboard insulation back in 1932, we are today continuing: GUTEX combines that typical Black Forest idea of quality, the infatuation with new ideas and ways of doing things, and the drive to answer the future’s needs today. This mix breeds innovative insulation solutions made from Black Forest wood; for example, the world’s first dry manufactured single-ply homogeneous insulation fibreboard. Used since 2006, this process doesn’t just deliver better quality and workability. It cuts CO2 emissions and energy usage by 40%. That’s an enormous step for the environment, humankind and nature. Made by GUTEX.

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